Book Review: Beyond the Horizon: The History of AEW&C Aircraft

Harpia Publishing has published a new book covering the rare subject on airborne early warning aircraft from around the world.

Beyond The Horizon Cover 72dpi

Ian Shaw and Sergio Santana toiled for months to produce this fascinating book that covers the history of AEW&C aircraft from the early days of World War 2 up to the recent conflict in Libya.

Over 256 pages, the first part of the book is devoted to the development of the airborne radar by the British, Americans and Russians. The authors were also able to get first-hand accounts from pioneers who operated them. Do look out for the interesting account of a EC-121 attempting to land on an aircraft carrier off the coast of North Vietnam!

The second part of the book looks at the various countries that had operated an airborne early warning aircraft, be it fixed or rotary wing.

Throughout the book, you’ll find colorful aircraft drawings, rare photos and unit badges as well.

The only disappointment was that the authors chose to list China’s AEW&C development work in the second part of the book. Hopefully, they could also provide more operational details on Asian countries such as Taiwan and Thailand in a future update.


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