Taiwan unveils F-16B with kill markings of AVG ace Robert Neale

Taiwn today unveiled its F-16 and IDF fighters with markings to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Japanese surrender to the local media.

Photo: UDN

F-16B, #93-0841, from 401 Tactical Fighter Wing had 16 kill markings of AVG ace Robert Neale. The 401 traces its roots back to the Chinese-American Composite Wing during the Second World War.

Meanwhile, the IDF fighter sports the killing markings of Chinese ace Xu Huajiang, also a member of the Chinese-American Composite Wing.


  1. Colonel FOG says:

    There was a slight error in that livery. The kill markings were not supposed to be on the planes. I only requested the shark mouth and tiger. I never requested the kill flags. Such things do not belong on an active duty fighter aircraft, unless they have actually had a kill. Furthermore, I doubt that ROCAF would have wanted to imply that they are currently shooting down the planes of an ally. Thus, when notified of this error, the flags were immediately removed.

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