The ADIZ in South China Sea that you’ve never heard of

Ever since China established the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in November 2013, the focus has been on the South China Sea where some analysts believe China will set up its second ADIZ. However, China was not the first country to do that. The Philippines has an ADIZ that covers part of the South China Sea for many years.

Philippine ADIZ

The coordinates for the Philippine ADIZ can be found on flight navigation charts. Using those coordinates, the layout of the Philippine ADIZ was drawn on Google Map and shown here.

The Philippine ADIZ shares its northern boundary with the Taiwan ADIZ. Earlier this year, the PLA announced that its H-6K bombers and J-11BH fighters flew over the Bashi Channel into the Pacific Ocean and back. Bashi Channel is a waterway between Y’Ami Island of the Philippines and Orchid Island of Taiwan and it is inside the Taiwan ADIZ. Therefore, the Chinese aircraft could not have entered Taiwan ADIZ without being challenged by RoCAF fighters. The only route for the Chinese would have been north of Batan Islands in the Luzon Strait, well inside the Philippine ADIZ.

Without any fighter interceptors, the Philippine Air Force is hapless to do anything. But this is set to change when the first batch of KAI FA-50 fighters arrive in the country before the end of the year.

Location of Bashi Channel

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    Unrelated, but thought the mods on this site migyt find it interesting that the 555th Fighter Squadron (aka: Triple Nickel) has just returned from a 6 month deployment to Afghanistan. According to an official Air Force facebook page, the squadron employed over 180 air-to-ground munitions and over 7600 (!) 20mm rounds in gun strafes during the deployment.

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