Germany wants a new fighter to replace the Tornado

Germany has started plans for a new fighter jet to replace the Panavia Tornado, Reuters reports. At this stage it is still unclear whether the new jet would be manned or unmanned.

Tornado 98+77 ASSTA 3.1TakeOff
By Philipp Hayer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A draft document from the Defense Ministry – seen by Reuters – said it was also possible that the jet would be designed to be optionally manned.

Germany is to approach its European partners next year to discuss on the new fighter.

Another possibility pointed out in the draft document suggests extending the life-span of the Tornado till 2030s.


  1. JagdFlanker says:

    why don’t they get more Eurofighters? what can the Tornado do that the Eurofighter can’t?

    cash-wise a new aircraft is always going to cost way more than what they can already manufacture, and you don’t know what result you’r going to end up with in the end

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