North Korea broadcast coded messages over short wave radio

Pyongyang Radio Station broadcast coded five-digit number messages during a 12-minute segment on Jul. 15. This is the first time North Korea has done that in 16 years.

Vintage Zenith Royal 7000 Trans-Oceanic (Transistor) Radio, Chassis 18ZT40Z3, Made in the USA (12125520946)
By Joe Haupt from USA [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The messages were sent on short wave radio and is meant to be heard by espionage agents outside the country.

A female announcer began the segment on 12:45 p.m. by saying, “From now on, I will give review work for the subject of mathematics under the curriculum of a remote education university for exploration agents of the 27th bureau.”

“On page 459, question number 35, on page 913, question number 55, on page 135, question number 86, on page 257, question number 2.”

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