Head of F135 engine program left P&W after ethics issue

The head of Pratt & Whitney’s F135 engine program was forced to leave the company along with nine other employees after an internal audit uncovered an ethics issue linked to a visit by South Korean military officials several years ago.

Pratt & Whitney F135 - 140925-F-RS654-003
By Rick Goodfriend [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Korean delegation had paid a visit to the company’s West Palm Beach facility in Florida and Pratt & Whitney had paid for a rental van to fetch them there. The engine company deemed the move as a breach of its strict ethics laws.

  1. Irish says:

    Wow thats harsh, its not like they gave away any information or took any bribes

  2. Craig mudd says:

    Wow that’s really harsh I agree Irish it’s not like bae in the 80’s bribing Saudi Arabian delegates

  3. Joe Schmoe says:

    I don’t recall, we’re any of the PWC excutives found guilty of providing the Chinese with military engine build info a few years let go?

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