Romania says Patriot is just one of the possible solutions in mind

Romania’s Defense Minister Gabriel Les spoke to television station TVR1 on Apr. 30 and he mentioned that the Patriot air defense system is just one of few possible solutions to upgrade the country’s air defense system.

Patriot PAC-2 Launcher Display at Hukou Camp Ground Close up 20140329
By 玄史生 (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

“This Patriot missiles, that have been discussed over the past days represent air defence which is currently extremely important to Romania. Patriot is one of the possible solutions that we have in mind, it’s a very good system, a system that was tested in combat, a system that, from our current estimations, has a balanced price. I would like to say from the beginning that we have discussed so far and will discuss about air defence with certain operational requirements that would respond to the categories of forces, but we haven’t make any decision in this regard,” Les was quoted as saying.

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