DJI patches Phantom quadcopter to prevent ISIL from using it

Chinese firm DJI has quietly released a firmware for its Phantom quadcopters so that they will be disabled in Iraq and Syria.

By Helge Könnecker ( (Own workOriginal text: selbst fotografiert) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

The software patch was discovered by an engineer from Department 13. It was suggested that the update was meant to prevent ISIL from using the drones as flying IEDs.

  1. Ian Wakefield says:

    Considering this , and the fact that the bigger drones from dji work on a system that incorporates gps. Couldn’t they adapt some of the working software to make these kind of drones avoid areas such as airports answer airfields by means of adapting the software !

  2. I’m glad DJI patched the phantom to stop isis from using it as an IED. It’s unfortunate though that they had to do that in today’s day and age. Terrorism should be stopped any way possible.

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