Subcontractor used recycled material in Nirbhay cruise missile

A subcontractor in the Nirbhay cruise missile program had manufactured a component using recycled material, the chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) disclosed.

Photo: DRDO

“The fourth test of the missile took place from the Launch Complex-III of Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Balasore in Odisha and after lift-off the missile developed snags over one of its wings, started to bank on one side and veered dangerously. We had to activate the ‘self-destruct’ mechanism to kill it mid-air. On investigation, it was found out that the vendor who manufactured it used recycled material for one of the key components that operates the wings of the missile and that was the reason why it failed. The strength of the recycled material was not sufficient to operate the parameters. Though the vendor followed all specifications, the use of re-cycle material was not disclosed,” said S. Chirstopher.

A fifth test will be conducted before end of August.

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