China is overall champion for Aviadarts 2017; Su-35 beats J-10B

China announced that it was the overall champion for Aviadarts 2017. Both sides were tied in number of wins for eight categories.

Открытие лётной программы международного конкурса «Авиадартс» АрМИ-2017 (полигон Тайпинчуань, КНР) (12) [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Chinese team’s JH-7A, JZ-8DF, H-6K, Z-10K came in first in their own categories. Russia beat China in the fighter category with the Su-35. The Su-25CM, Il-76M and Mi-8 are the other Russian winners.

  1. JagdFlanker says:

    well gee, Russia is also calling “first place” lol

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