IISS: North Korea’s ICBMs use RD-250 engines produced by Ukraine’s KB Yuzhnoye

In his report for International Institute for Strategic Studies, Michael Elleman concludes that North Korea probably acquired RD-250 engines from Ukraine’s KB Yuzhnoye to power its Hwasong-12, -14 ballistic missiles.


The existing RD-250 uses two combustion chambers powered by a single turbopump. The Hwasong series of missiles use a single combustion chamber engine. Elleman says Western experts had seen a single-chamber RD-250 on display in Ukraine. It is unlikely that North Korea has the expertise to modify the RD-250 on their own to produce a single-chamber version.

  1. Mykola says:

    Really? C’mon…

    What exactly in the original article made you believe engines was made at Yuzhnoye and not at Russia’s Energomash?

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