South Korea fires ballistic missiles, SLAM-ER after North’s nuclear test

The South Korean military carried a live-firing exercise involving AGM-84H/K SLAM-ER cruise missile and Hyunmoo-2A ballistic missiles.

A statement from the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said the weapons hit their targets in the East Sea.

The drill on Sept. 4 is in response to North Korea’s nuclear weapon test a day earlier.

  1. elmerfudzie says:

    This is the precise moment for the USAF to use the experimental weapon system, non-explosive, Tungsten missiles against North Korean commercial nuclear, advanced military labs and associated weapons batteries. The MGRS? satellite system can guide, seven mile per second, Tungsten projectiles launched from near space into land based targets thus reducing the chances of radioactive debris, battlefield nuclear ground shine and civilian exposure (both North and South Korean) to the conflict zones. The deeper the installation, the more missiles would be send down. The electrical generation plants (re-enforced concrete dome) would only require a single hit to cause irreparable damage to the core. Current U.S. IRBM’s can be quickly retrofitted with Tungsten missiles instead of nuclear tipped devises. I’m reasonably sure the Russians and Chinese would give a (secret) and reluctant nod to such a plan. How about it Berkeley boys, can you come up with a plan, and fast?

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