EA-18G crew that made penis skydrawing given administrative punishment

The naval aviator and naval flight officer from VAQ-130 that drew the shape of a penis in the sky have been given administrative punishment by Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker during a Nov. 22 hearing before a Field Naval Aviator Evaluation Board.

Screen grab from YouTube

Shoemaker, commander of Naval Air Forces, ruled that both men were “impulsive and immature” but both were “forthright and remorseful” when confronted.

As part of their punishment both men must present a series of “Change the Culture” briefs to fellow crews and students. They were given six months probation and could lose their wings for “any transgression on land or in the sky that showed a ‘similar lapse of judgment’ or violated the Navy’s core values.”

  1. NFO, didn’t have much control over the situation, other than pulling the ejection handle.

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